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It is beautiful not because it is forever but the moment of blossom, or to say the change of liveness. Sometimes images depict better than words.

Working for both creativity and business, it’s always a challenge to keep a balance in between the two, and every minute is precious in this fast moving industry. To seize the moment of inspiration is almost equal to transform ideas into tangible assets. Flower arrangement has somehow become an essential part of life like a refreshment that draws me into the world of curiosity in colours and forms, and a ritual since high school that I’d arrange the flowers of the day (that I picked from the florist) with matchable vase from time to time. After keeping this in mind for several months and now got some time to sort out photos, I would like to start this column today for sharing the colours and inspirations I’ve collected from Australia, France, Italy, Japan, Korean and now currently in Taiwan.


Flower Arrangement: BRISK LATE AUTUMN

( 24・10・2017 @ Taipei )




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