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How would you interpret ‘time’?

Do you see it as elapsed moments that accumulate like sandglass or locus points where you plot a view to look forward to the future?

BETWEEN THE LIGHT AND DARKNESS, the photography exhibition presented by Hong Kong based artist, Yan Kallen, at Mumeisha during this year’s KYOTOGRAPHIE, transformed the idea of ‘the flow of time’ through a series of photos taken from the time he has spent with eight artisans in various fields of Japanese traditional crafts. The photos are a collection of the landscapes in nature, everyday objects, artisanal tools, family, and Shinto rituals as narrative about the craftman spirit, the processes and techniques, the stories of family, the value of skills passed on from generation to generation, and the interaction of people with nature.

Under the context of light and darkness, the mediums used as installation materials on site convey a sense of depth in time. The black and white print on washi paper denotes the moment in lifetime, the time that has been seized by the camera lens; Whereas the moving image and the obscura camera present the idea of recurrence and continuity in different ways. The moving image replays a frame of time seamlessly like as if time never fades. The obscura camera brings the light into the darkness in a Japanese cypress box, projects an image of the scene towards the garden, it invites visitors to explore the concept behind the image.

The publication of BETWEEN THE LIGHT AND DARKNESS is composed of black and white paper in stitch binding on softcover for a collection of Kallen’s photos with a separate black booklet about the artist and artisans. The composition of paper materials and binding creates subtle reflection of the exhibition, expresses the story in different tone.


Date: 15th of April - 14th of May, 2017

Closed: Wednesday (except 3rd of May)

Time: 10:00 - 18:00

Venue: Mumeisha

Address: 363 Rokkaku-cho, Rokkaku-sagaru, Shinmachi-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto

Entrance Fee: ¥600 / Student ¥400




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