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Client: Snob

Snob is a fashion boutique situated at an elegant area in the heart of Taipei CBD.  The creative director, Vivienne Tsao, has an eye for unique designs in fashion with her great travel experience and appreciation in arts and design.


‘Designer Tête-à-tête’ is a fashion event for Snob’s trunk show to introduce demi-couture collection to the market along with a discussion panel upon femininity in fashion design and designers perspectives on contemporary fashion.  We invited Vika Gazinskaya and Katie Ermilio, the designers of the demi-couture designer brands, to W Taipei for this event in August in 2015.


The design idea of this event booklet is to illustrate the mood of the boutique, the concept behind the selection of the brands, and a brand overview of Vika Gazinskaya and Katie Ermilio.  The content of this booklet is composited of four parts as following: event introduction, designer brand brief, buying trip anecdote during Paris fashion week, and the aspiration behind managing Snob boutique.


The booklet is designed in A5 size as a good hand-carry proportion with sawn binding and beige grained fine paper cover for representing the delicacy and craftsmanship in demi-couture.  The content starts with a quote - ‘I like things that evoke feelings, and lost mysteries.’ that we found the most ideal to depict Vivienne’s appreciation of garment, arts and music; and we put the company slogan “eat well, dress well, be silly” in the last page as a close for their positive aspect to living. 

Snob Event Booklet - PP0-1
Snob Event Booklet - PP0-2
Snob Event Booklet - PP1-1
Snob Event Booklet - PP1-2
Snob Event Booklet - PP1-3
Snob Event Booklet - PP1-4
Snob Event Booklet - PP2-1
Snob Event Booklet - PP2-2
Snob Event Booklet - PP2-3
Snob Event Booklet - PP3-1
Snob Event Booklet - PP3-2
Snob Event Booklet - PP0-3
Snob Event Booklet - PP0-4
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