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Client: Snob

Photo Credit: Snob & Josh Chang

Welcome Dinner at Fatty's
Press Event - interview
Press Event
Trunk show 1 - Katie Ermilio
Trunk show 2 - Vika Gazinskaya
Trunk show 3 - Vika Gazinskaya
Trunk show 4 - Vika Gazinskaya
Discussion Panel 1
Discussion Panel 2
backstage 1 - Vika Gazinskaya
Backstage 2 - Vika Gazinskaya
Backstage 3 - Vika Gazinskaya
Backstage 4 - Katie Ermilio
Backstage 5 - Katie Ermilio
Backstage 6 - Katie Ermilio

Designer Tête-à-tête is Snob’s first official event and was held at W Taipei for showcasing selected designs from VIKA GAZINSKAYA and KATIE ERMILIO’s FW15 collections and introducing the design concepts of demi-couture through discussion panel by inviting the two brands’ designers, Vika and Katie to join for the talk.  This event is planned with four phases; we firstly had a welcome dinner at a private kitchen, Fatty’s, a night prior the event to gather local senior fashion editors and designers as a warm-up, followed by press event and VIP event for the trunk show and discussion panel, then had a day for designers’ private interviews and photoshoots.  For media liaising, we teamed up with local PR agency, STARFiSH, for the regular monthly introduction of new fashion brands, interviews and photoshoots of Snob creative director and the two guest designers, as well as the on site event coordination.  Both the boutique and the event have been paid close attention by print and online medias, such as Vogue Taiwan, Elle Taiwan, Prestige, We People, Beauty, Cosmopolitan Taiwan,  Harper’s Bazaar Taiwan, Marie Claire Taiwan, Fashion Guide, Apple Daily Taiwan and China Times Weekly.

//   Snob is a fashion boutique situated at an elegant area in the heart of Taipei CBD.  The creative director, Vivienne Tsao, has an eye for unique designs in fashion with her great travel experience and appreciation in arts and design.   //

VIKA GAZINSKAYA and KATIE ERMILIO are renowned contemporary designer brands, known for distinctive designs and fine cutting that celebrate the arts of craftsmanship, and yet are functional and comfortable at the same time to fit for various occasions from semi-formal to formal. 


The signature design features of VIKA GAZINSKAYA are geometrical forms and shapes in poised colour tone, whereas KATIE ERMILO elaborates on the delicacy of lace and ethereal femininity with mellow colours.

Date: 20th of August, 2015

Creative Director: Vivienne Tsao

Film Producer: Josh Chang

Designers: Vika Gazinskaya, Katie Ermilio

Music: Abel Korzeniowski

Location of the event: W Taipei

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