Client: Urban Heritage

Image Credit: Urban Heritage Facebook 

Urban Heritage is a select shop in Taichung (the third largest city in Taiwan), focusing on casual to semi-formal style.  The fashion brands they carry are Saint James, Goat, Cathrine Hammel, Pitchouguina, Lie, Benedetta Bruzziches, Anton Heunis, Les Partisanes, Maison Boinet, Maria Francesca Pepe, Q-pot, and Departure (luggage brand).  The founder and buyer, Iris, started this select shop with a motto her mother taught her when she was little, that is - 'to dress well for yourself and right for occasions'; hence, what she values the most in dressing are fabric quality, comfort and functionality.  Considering most of this boutique’s customers and friends are the local citizens and have common interests in leisure travel and well-being, we toned the communication on Urban Heritage’s Facebook and Instagram to be warmer and intimate.  Posts about the founder/buyer’s casual styling photos are part of the main categories apart from the fundamental ones for the brands and collection updates.  We have also introduced some light music and exhibition information in between the posts to draw in the distance between the customers and the boutique.