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Dragon Boat Festival gift - demonstrative view_1
Dragon Boat Festival Gift - demonstrative view_2
Dragon Boat Festival Gift - demonstrative view_3
Dragon Boat Festival Gift - demonstrative view_4
Dragon Boat Festival Gift - pattern

Standing Egg on End



Client: Humble Robot Co.

Collaborated with MIDNIGHT DESIGN

Humble Robot Co. focuses on investing in emerging creative lifestyle sectors for catering and fashion, and owns seafood restaurant & bar (The Lobster Bar), waffle cafe (Dears Waffle & Cafe), and fashion select shop (Snob).  The task of this project is to create a seasonal gift that incorporates the characteristics of the mother company,  and its subsidiaries that share similar brand value, yet represent diversified traits for the styles and attributes of their products and services.


The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional holiday on the fifth day of the fifth month on the Chinese lunisolar calendar for commemorating the death of the poet and minister Qu Yuan (c.340 - 278 BC).  It is one of the main festivals in Taiwan that corporate companies prepare seasonal greeting gifts for their clients and collaboration partners.  We took ‘standing egg on end*’, one of the traditional customs of Dragon boat festival as the core concept for gift and packaging design.  The original intention was to bring something fun, symbolic and at the same time have certain functionality; and quickly we came up with the idea of combing greenery, table/desk decoration, and pottery together to interpret the company motto - “eat well, dress well, be silly”.  The whole package is composed of paper strip, custom-made paper box, seeds of either strawberry or mint, brown egg-shape ceramic pot, a pack of organic soil and a mini instruction pamphlet.  The paper strip is designed in pattern print of moxa illustration with a greeting phrase and a list of four companies’ logos on grained paper.  The paper box is made in paper paste for oval shape that the box doesn’t tumble like a tumbler and has the company motto debossed on the top left.



* ‘Standing egg on end’ is a folk practice that people believe they would have good luck if they get to make an egg standing on end at noon on the fifth day of the fifth month.  





Midnight Design is a Taiwanese graphic design studio, strong in modern and material designs for VI, typography and packaging.  They have worked for Club Designer (Taiwanese luxury multibrand store), JGL Pictures (advertising and photography firm), Sony Music Taiwan, Taipei Metro, and FILTER (fashion brand). 

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