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Jamais Seules

The moment of entering the gallery was like stepping into a fictional world that has well blended modern visual impressions with prominent features from art history. A space unites various genres of artworks in one place, yet intangibly divided into different segments where each forms a world of its own. The exhibition title, Jamais Seules, embodies the concept behind the current collection, where individuality is not solitary.

[Note: “seul” is the French word of “alone”, "by yourself", the artist, Mr. Fayard made it as the exhibition title with plural form to correspond to the core concept in this collection.]

踏進藝廊的展覽空間如同進入了一個虛構小說的世界,一幅幅陳列的畫作像萬花筒般將當代視覺與部分經典藝術的素材做了不同層次的連結。各式題材與不同材質的作品看似完全毫不相干、各自塑成獨自的領域,但又在這個空間裡呈現了看似有所互應的融合感。展名「從不單獨(Jamais Seules)」點出了這個策展背後的概念 --- 每的獨立的個體並不孤獨。

[註:“單獨”的法文單字 “seul” 被藝術家以複數的形式作為展名,用以呼應本展的核心概念。]

"Marron sur rose" 100 x 100 cm © Ivan Fayard / Adagp, Paris

"Marron sur rose"

100 x 100 cm © Ivan Fayard / Adagp, Paris

"Pacifique" © Ivan Fayard / Adagp, Paris

"Pacifique" © Ivan Fayard / Adagp, Paris

The colourful cryptologic-like painting on pink canvas on the main wall opposite to the window attracts viewers to decode, to ponder the relation between the lines and rectangular blocks. The idea of embedding a hidden message in 2D painting creates imaginary space of depth in flat dimension, the artist reinterprets the notion of flat surface and invites viewers to recognise the message from different perspective.

對應窗口的主牆上掛著以粉紅帆布為背景、色彩繽紛如暗碼的畫作引人好奇,不禁想猜測線條和方塊之間的連結是否是解碼的線索。在這個平面畫作裡,藝術家將訊息融入畫中,藉由不同視覺角度將平面畫作疊出了空間感,而“解碼”成了令觀賞者會心一笑的小驚喜 。

[ LEFT ]

"Nobuhiro, Niloufar"

160 x 200 cm

© Ivan Fayard / Adagp, Paris



100 x 100 cm

© Ivan Fayard / Adagp, Paris

There also suggests a sense of ambiguity between books and arts, rather to define the object into a specific category, it’s about juxtaposition that puts seemingly contrastive ideas in one to create a peculiar harmony.

展中的作品亦傳達介於書與藝術間的曖昧關係;到底書為閱讀刊物或表現創作想法的媒介?與其將物件歸類於任何既定的陳規類別,這是「並置(juxtaposition)」的詮釋 --- 將看似無關聯或相異的意象放在一起,以突兀卻又好似相容的手法呈現引人發想的創作。

"O" Book © Ivan Fayard / Adagp, Paris

"O" Book © Ivan Fayard / Adagp, Paris


Diameter 200cm © Ivan Fayard / Adagp, Paris

"Je veux ce que tu veux" Shaped canvases © Ivan Fayard / Adagp, Paris

"Je veux ce que tu veux" Shaped canvases © Ivan Fayard / Adagp, Paris


Mr. Fayard is French artist who currently lives in Paris and has ‘Jamais Seules’ exhibition at Houg Gallery from the 9th of September to the 15th of October. He is particularly clever at bringing diversified subjects together to create a new perspective that invites viewers to be a part of dialogue in relation to his artworks.

Fayard 先生是一位法國藝術家,目前定居巴黎,特別擅長將多種各異的議題重作組合、並列來延伸出新的觀點,讓作品自身引發觀賞者對其創作解讀。目前「從不單獨(Jamais Seules)」的展覽在位於右岸第三區的 Houg Gallery 展出;期間為 09/09 ~ 10/15。


Location: 22 Rue Saint-Claude, 75003 Paris

地址:<法國巴黎第三區> 22 Rue Saint-Claude, 75003 Paris

For more information, please visit:

更多關於 Fayard 先生的訊息, 請參見:

※ Images and information shown in this article are used under the artist’s consent, and prohibited from any other purpose of use.

※ 此文中的圖像和資訊皆由藝術家授權刊載,不開放任何其他用途。




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