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Client: La Section Française de L'Ecole Européenne de Taipei (TES French Section)

Collaborated with MIDNIGHT DESIGN

The aim is to create a symbol representing the cultural mélange of French and Taiwanese for the 25th anniversary of TES French Section in 2015.


We designed two kinds of logotypes for French and Chinese versions with an inspiration from Chinese Seal elements by adpoting the structures of Zhuanke* (seal carving), rich red colour and a slight roughness to the figure of line onto the design.  The Roman alphabets and Chinese characters are designed in square shape with uniformed lines and little twists to give a subtle nostalgic touch in modern form, as a symbolism for illustrating the merit of education passed on from generation to generation.  



* Zhuanke is a traditional form of art in China, referring to a specific pattern cutting that a pattern is cut into the bottom face of the seal for stamping.



Midnight Design is a Taiwanese graphic design studio, strong in modern and material designs for VI, typography and packaging.  They have worked for Club Designer (Taiwanese luxury multibrand store), JGL Pictures (advertising and photography firm), Sony Music Taiwan, Taipei Metro, and FILTER (fashion brand). 

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