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 L ’ I N T E R P R É T A T I O N  :  PIIRTÄÄ Le Noir (Le Cahier Noir)

Pon Ding | Taipei

20 Feb - 06 March 2018 

To present the incentive behind the creation of PIIRTÄÄ Le Noir, the creator Olievvp has utilised some black notebook samples in her own creations to express the inspirations from Modern architecture and fashion on fine paper.  She invited two creative professionals, Martino di Napoli Rampolla, the creative director/founder of the artist residence Numeroventi, and Matt Liao, the photographer of ANCHE studio as the main collaborators of the trilogy of exhibitions in early 2018 by taking the talk event at Pon Ding on the 24th of February as an opening of this dialogue with talents.

Martino is the creative director and founder of Numeroventi in Firenze, and also is talented in graphic design.  During his four-month stay for exploring the design, art and cultures in Japan, Taiwan and Bali (Indonesia) in late 2017 to early 2018, he thought of making the black notebook as his portable artist residence during his Asian trip.  He has divided the black notebook pages into two sections, one side of the book is used as the ‘creative space’ for the professionals whom he invited to do <15 minutes artist residence > on double-page spread while another side is treated as his own challenge space - that he practises his drawing skill by drawing portraits of the interviewees from the 15 minutes artist residence.  


Matt always has his poetic way of interpreting sceneries.  He has collected a bundle of images during his stay in Italy and stories he’d like to share to people who love travelling and Italian culture.  Instead of selecting photos by himself, he asked Olievvp to select and to be in charge of composition for making a collaborative handmade photography book, named ‘My journey to the Renaissance’.  The photos in this handmade photography book are produced by professional photography printing studio in Taipei and GICLÉE printed on Washi Torinoko and Fine Art Smooth papers.


Olievvp also presented her black notebook at the exhibition in Pon Ding for expressing her interpretation through paper crafting, sketching and acrylic painting on black paper pages.  She found black paper as a dynamic field to explore colours and to see ordinary things from different perspective; the pieces displayed at the store are:

(1) artwork name: ’Formation・I’; the first one under ‘Formation’ series, made by origami (folding and sculpting techniques to turn paper into a sculpture) for representing my perception in the structure of Modern Architecture.

(2) artwork name: ‘Structure・I’; the first one under ‘Structure’ series, made by paper cutting under the idea of presenting “space in space” through a coexistent perception of flat (2D dimension) and volume (3D dimension); where a single page or open pages represents “flat (2D dimension)” view and the whole book itself represents  “volume (3D dimension)” view.  It is a hanging object with a metal square frame.

(3) artwork name: ’Cheers’; made by mix media (paper cutting / ball-point pen colouring / thread stitching).

(4) artwork name: ‘The cherry threes in spring’; drawn by nib pen with Dr. Ph. Martin’s Radiant Concentrated Water Color [14A black] ink.

(5)  artwork name: ‘{NOTE} BOOK OF INSPIRATION - A Record of Favourite Taiwanese Publication’; it’s a diary of writing and sketches of particular topics, images and featured articles that interest me from the two Taiwanese publications: ‘SANMA’ and ’NOT TODAY’.  


Pon Ding is a select bookstore/arts and cultural event space, where it offers cafe and publications at first floor and exhibition/event spaces at second and third floor.  They run talk shows, cultural activities and exhibitions frequently throughout the year.  The publications at the first floor cover genres from arts, culture, travel, photography to cuisine.  At the Pon Ding talk event, Martino and Matt shared their experiences of working in creative industry and collecting new ideas through travelling.  Yi-Chou Chen, the founder of Pon Ding acted as the host to interact with the two guest speakers and also enriched the conversation with the stories of NOT TODAY (her independent magazine) and the exhibition/event curations of Pon Ding.

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