29 Nov 2018

Rose I, 2012 (117.47 x 76.2 cm) @ Nick Knight | Still | The Mass 2018

British visionary photographer and artist Nick Knight has launched a solo exhibition ‘Still’ at The Mass in Tokyo, Japan, from the 10th of November to the 16th of December, 2018.

Still consis...

4 Feb 2018

To start this year, THE CLUB has introduced a new collection in Tokyo’s art market that opens up a fresh prospect, by bringing in representative art pieces of Concretismo (Concrete Art, the Brazilian Art Movement in 1930-1950).  The exhibition, DIALOGUE (2018/01/2...

6 Jan 2018

Situating at the 6th floor of the bustling Ginza Six, THE CLUB creates its own unique space where you soon catch their particular poetic character as you open the gallery door.  The exhibition「Pattern 紋様 Forms of Beauty」 at THE CLUB interprets ‘pattern’ through a new m...

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