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A fraction of a section is enough to make a big impact on how clients/customers perceive your business.  From your brand logo, the layout, colour and font type of your website to the tactile impression of your business card, every little detail is valuable for delivering your brand message across.  



PIIRTÄÄ offer bespoke service to accommodate our clients' unique needs.  We aim for curating effective visual communications that convey the messages behind the brands and/or the products.  Our consultants are flexible for long distance coordination as well as supplement staff upon contract.  

In branding and re-branding, we focus on integrating strategies, design and in-house team's management for developing effective plans at each stage for mid to long term* project.

* [mid to long term] - project that requires more than half year would be considered in this category.  In this case, we advice to divide the time into two to three phases, and make necessary minor adjustments with the initial setup plan at scheduled time points.


How relevant a brand appears to its target audience is by the coherence between its brand images and how it acts.  In branding, we provide blueprints and strategies upon individual needs in different stages of business.

How we work:

We firstly go through an overview of client's business idea, product/service plan and target market to set up a branding blueprint.  Depending on the needs of the case, we provide service for VI (visual identity) design as well as management consultancy for marketing, merchandising and communication.



Rebranding is even more rigorous than launching a new brand in the market.  It may take more time and efforts than branding, depending on the disparity between current and desired brand image.  Whether rebranding is considered as a big makeover of brand identity or as an extension for the existing brand, it shall retain the initial values that have been embedded in the market and are appreciated by the existing customers.  


How we work:

We start from an analysis on the overall performance of the brand and business, set up a rebranding plan, work on the development and implementing the rebranding among employees and the public.


How we work:

  1. go through client’s current marketing performance, goals, mission statement and products

  2. provide strategies and tactics

  3. cooperate with client’s in-house marketing team, advertising agencies or website specialists for implementation

  4. liaising with PR and media

Social Media Content Curation

How we work:

  1. identify the social media marketing challenges of client’s brand

  2. set up strategy and plan

  3. create content according to the plan calendar and feedback

Event Planning

How we work:

  1. set up event design, brand building, marketing and communication strategy and schedule

  2. conduct brand building, logistics, budgeting and media liaison 

  3. manage event setup and operation

Graphic Design

-  VI (visual identity) for branding

-  Logo

-  Business card design

-  Brochure design

-  Poster design

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