Olivia Pan


Project Manager


Born in Taiwan and moved to Brisbane, Australia at age 14.

Studied at the high school and university (Griffith University) in Brisbane from 1998 to 2008; had bachelor major in Linguistics with electives in journalism, multimedia design, and foreign languages (Japanese, Korean, and Italian).  

Took 'Luxury Management master course' at Polimoda in Firenze, Italy in 2012 for Luxury brand management, Branding, Marketing, Trend setting, Pipeline (logistics), Communication, Museum/Events management, and Jewellery/watch/sports cars/SPA studies.

Before setting up PIIRTÄÄ in 2014, have been working at CLUB DESIGNER, MED inc. and Guang-Mang-Wen-Hua Multimedia Ltd. for luxury & contemporary brands select shop, branding and marketing consulting and television entertainment program planning.


◆ Language Proficiency

English / Mandarin / Japanese - business level for reading, listening, writing and speaking

Italian / French - advance level for reading, intermediate level for listening and writing, and colloquial for speaking

Korean - basic level for reading, listening, writing and speaking

◆ Experience

2014   PIIRTÄÄ (PIIRTAA CO., LTD.) | Taipei

 In charge of the following projects from the end of 2014 to present:

  - PIIRTÄÄ Le Noir  

     <currently working on product design and production>

  - Urban Heritage

  - très C


  - SNOB


2013  CLUB DESIGNER | Taipei

2012  MED inc. | Taipei

2010  Guang-Mang-Wen-Hua Multimedia Ltd. | Beijing

◆ Work Description About The Previous Full-time Work


PERSONAL ASSISTANTS of CEO and creative director

Managed CEO for personal schedule and press interview

- Managed the creative director for personal schedule, personal buying request, interview styling, press interview and photoshoot 



- Set marketing strategy and planning together with the creative director and marketing team

- Supervised the marketing activity

- Coordinated for visual communication (store’s window display, website layout design and campaign graphic design)

- Coordinated with graphic designers for website design



- Conducted the event planning and coordination

- Coordinated for media liaison

 - Conducted communication with the selected brands for the events

- In charge of the flagship store’s opening event (both press and VIP events) and the successive two months exhibition of the eight brands (EACHxOTHER, GILES, Dylan Ryu, TASCHEN, Thomas Wylde, NewbarK, Lucien Pellat-Finet, and ONE-T-SHIRT)

- In charge of press interviews and on site interview interpretation for the Korean designer Dylan at ‘History by Dylan’ event

- Translated the brand introduction and media materials for the external PR


- Supervised the buying trip planning

- In charge of part of the buying for the following brands and products:

Manolo Blahnik / Stubbs and Wootton / R13 / Frame Denim / Current Elliott / Jim Sander / J.W. Anderson / Fornasetti fragrance & customised furniture / vintage furniture / vintage Louis Vuitton trunks / Dylan Ryu customised vintage art bags (vintage Hermès and Chanel bags with antique and vintage materials that Dylan decorates on the bags)

- Develop and implemented buying methods and decision-making models for Taschen, Assouline and Rizzoli’s book selections 


- developing connections with new fashion brands

- supervising the merchandising team to arrange Paris and Milan buying trips, seasonal collection’s training pack for store staffs, lifestyle floor’s product management

- hardbound books’ merchandising

- special furniture order and logistic liaison 

MED inc. | Taipei

- Research

- Analysing market/client’s company/relevant industry

- Plotting (re-/)branding strategy

- Interpreting English/Chinese/Japanese 

- Coordinating with project manager to execute the plans

- Liaising with project partners

* The projects covered: fashion, accessories, historical house and museum, hospitality, real estate, and food.

Guang-Mang-Wen-Hua Multimedia Ltd. | Beijing

- Research

Plotting entertainment program scheme

- Conducting events

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