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PIIRTÄÄ is a consultancy studio specializing in branding, marketing, social media content curation, event management and graphic design.  We focus on customisation and project-based services, and collaborate with various graphics designers, photographers and event coordinators case by case for developing specialised solutions to cater our clients’ needs.


Our studio name, PIIRTÄÄ, stands for these seven adjectives that we value: personal, idiosyncratic, intrinsic, ravishing, transformative, articulate, and agile.  We found this letter combination vibrant, playful and geometric with simple strokes that resemble the abstract formation of postmodern architecture, and at the same time meaningful that it appears as a verb form for 'to draw', 'to outline' in Finnish.  The double Ä with trémas look eclectic and fun, like a pair of eyes, that we took it as a symbolism for “sight” --- to delivery solutions not only for current needs, but pavements for the future development.  

Project Manager

Olivia Pan

Pictorial logo of PIIRTÄÄ is composed of a mirrored image composed of capital letter P and the tréma dots taken from Ä; where the tréma dots are merged with the top part of P.  This symbol is created mainly for decorative use and serves as a representative for how we work — that we are a joined force of our clients under temporary contracts, yet, we take our clients’ brands and every project as seriously as how we take for our own.  The idea of this visual presentation is generated from the concepts in iconography and ambigram; the symbol appears the same upside down.  

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